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Titer Test | German Shepherd Dogs and Vaccines

For you German Shepherd, one solution proposed by the anti-vaccination advocates is the use of the titer test, an examination that tests the immunity of a dog to various diseases and can thus help you better understand when a vaccination is necessary and when it is not worth doing. These tests, which can be performed in as little as fifteen minutes by your veterinarian, work by testing the “titer,” or concentration, of a vaccine in your dog’s blood. However, you may not need to test your German shepherd dog’s titer for every vaccine he or she has ever taken: two vaccines’ titers are alone can suffice to provide an overall picture of your dog’s immune-system health. If your dog has a good immunity to canine parvovirus, also known as CPV, and/or canine distemper, this bodes well for your dog’s immune system as a whole. If your titers are low, you may want to consider re-vaccinating your German Shepherd dog or administering a “booster shot.”

Both proponents and critics of vaccinations make persuasive cases. Ultimately, as a responsible dog owner, it is up to you to research your options and discuss your concerns clearly and carefully with a licensed veterinarian, ultimately making the choice that is right for your German Shepherd dog. While dos not advocate any position at this time in the vaccination debate, its controversy is nevertheless an important reminder of the vitality of asking questions, doing your homework, and taking no information about your German Shepherd's health or well-being for granted.

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