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Problematic Vaccines | German Shepherd Dogs and Vaccines

Particularly problematic is the Leptospirosis vaccine, which is known for producing more adverse side effects than other equivalent vaccines. Furthermore, the vaccine is limited in its scope, protecting against only a few of the strands of the Leptospirosis virus. Given these limitations, and the relative rarity of the disease, some veterinarians have chosen to cease giving Leptospirosis shots altogether. 

Also at issue is the lyme disease vaccination, which can produce a number of side effects in inoculated German Shepherd dogs. While pro-vaccination veterinarians argue that these side effects are preferable to the effects of the disease itself, those who don’t live in a tick-infested area may find that the drawbacks outweigh the benefits of the vaccine.

Another issue raised by anti-vaccine activities is the administering of inoculations to senior dogs. Dogs seven years of age or older, such as your German Shepherd dog, may have compromised immune systems as a result of their age, and, particularly if they’ve already received the inoculation previously, may not even need the shots they are being given.  Furthermore, anti-vaccination advocates suggest ensuring that no senior, ill, underweight, or very young dog – as well as no dog that has recently been administered anesthesia – be given a vaccine in order to minimize the risk of adverse effects.

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