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Training for Security and Protection Work | The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd dog is an extremely easy dog to teach and train, and because of this, it's become a widely popular breed for security and protection work. Please keep mind that the security and protection field is very large indeed and can include the German Shepherd performing almost any number of roles, ranging from personal protection for one's family to guarding the grounds of presidential palaces, or scaling the walls of a building to promptly take down an intruder. German Shepherds can go through any number of training regimens for security and protection work., ranging from Schutzhund work to other specialty programs.

Interestingly, minimal training is sometimes only given for German Shepherds as their natural instinct to serve and protect is born into their blood, though this is not recommended. Many stories abound of individuals obtaining a German Shepherd with the thought that " I don't need to train him or her, she will just be naturally protective". This false assumption can be dangerous in many ways. First, the dog is unfortunately put into a situation and asked to protect somebody, and it fails because of shyness, confusion, or any number of other issues. Second, the dog is again put into a situation calling for protection and overreacts, literally causing extensive harm, damage or even death to an individual. Its thus best to seek out competent and qualified training for your German Shepherd should you decide to use your canine as a true security and protection dog.  German Shepherds used for security work for celebrities, business executives, high-net worth individuals, or even political dignitaries have without question undertaken formal training for their duties.

Keep in mind that whatever the training may be, ranging from the well-known Schutzhund methods to many other specialty training programs, the German Shepherd should possess many of the following traits:

  • The ability to work
  • Highly trainable and teachable
  • Courageous
  • Intelligent
  • A natural protective instinct
  • The ability to form a strong and lasting bond with a given handler
  • Persistent
  • A physically capable dog

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