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An Ideal Security and Protection Dog | The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog, as noted in an earlier section within, was originally bred as a service and work dog; the breed's very name testifies to its function in sheep-herding and other farmyard tasks. While in the present day the German Shepherd Dog is often used as a pet and a beloved companion rather than a worker, even today many industries use the German Shepherd Dog for its unique and special skills. The strength, size, and loyalty of the dog make a German Shepherd particularly well-suited to work in the field of security or protection. Likewise, its keen sense of smell makes it particularly adept and alert – this dog is able to identify strangers or intruders at great distances, keeping his or her territory safe even as he or she is able to scare off any invaders with a rough, regal bark that gives listeners a hint of the powerful physical prowess of which this unique breed is capable.

The use of German Shepherd dogs in the protection and security industries has a rich and long-standing history, continuing well into the present day. From protecting one's family, to being utilized by police forces around the globe, along with many other roles and responsibilities afforded to this great canine, the German Shepherd is quite simply a remarkable breed.

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