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A True Colleague of the Police Force | The German Shepherd

Police dogs are often seen as full “colleagues” by many in the police form. Often referred to by the joking term “K-9” - a code that phonetically sounds out “canine” - another term for “dog” - police dogs sometimes are treated just like their human companions; some police squads provide their dogs with Ids and badges, as well as bulletproof vests. In many cases, any police dog killed in the line of duty is given a complete police funeral, a testament to the degree to which these canine friends are seen as worthy allies and companions by their human colleagues.

One inspiring sample is that of Breston, a dog with the Cheektowaga Police Department in Cheektowage, New York, who was able to sniff out a great deal of marijuana – full $3,400,000 worth – in some heat-sealed bags inside plastic-lined crates in a closed garage – keeping these drugs off the streets. Breston's example is a testament to the power and heroism of Police Dogs - “K-9s” everywhere – and his strong and loving relationship with his handlers is as much an example of “partnership” as can be found anywhere in the human or animal kingdom.

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