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A Multi-Purpose Police Dog | The German Shepherd

Dogs in the police can be used for a number of purposes. There are the general enforcement dogs, which chase and hold or even detain suspects (often with the threat of violence being used as a deterrent). Then there are the search and rescue dogs, often bloodhounds but also German Shepherd dogs, who are used to locate missing persons or things, “sniffing out” clues and often aiding in the recovery of bodies or wounded individuals. Detection dogs also use their sense of smell, but they are more commonly used for detecting either illicit substances like drugs or for detecting explosives.

German Shepherd dogs, with their keen sense of smell, are particularly useful in this regard, although the more traditionally “cute” and “friendly” beagles predominate in public settings, like airports, where many security officials globally are often wary of worrying passengers with “ferocious” dogs. Cadaver dogs, another subset of the above, are trained in seeking out decomposing bodies, and some dogs have a sense of smell so keen that they are able to detect bodies under running water, aiding in the recovery of bodies from rivers or streams. Whatever the call to duty may be, the German Shepherd dog excels and performs with excellence.

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