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Sentry Dog in Vietnam | The German Shepherd

Another kind of dog frequently used in the missions was the Sentry Dog used as part of the Sentry Dog Team. And to no surprise, the canine of choice for many was that of the German Shepherd. These dogs were used not only among the U.S. Armed Forces in Vietnam, but also in Thailand in the Air Force. These dogs were part of Military Policy Units. These dogs would walk along the designated borders of a location with their team – it was known as “walking the wire” - and they would use radio to alert command posts as to any potential breach of the area; thus a quick response team as well as a tower or bunker guard were always on call to reply to any necessary breaches or dangers.

These teams of sentries worked at night to “Detect, Detain, and Destroy” any invaders on a variety of U.S. Military outposts, from bases proper to supply areas, naval installations, ammunition storage centers, communications areas, and a whole other host of U.S.-designated secure zones in Vietnam.

The German Shepherd proved to be an extremely capable sentry for the Vietnam war, proving its worth time and time again in critical situations.

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