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The "Spin" Move | The German Shepherd

For this trick, you want to teach your German Shepherd to spin in an adorable circle. To train your dog to do this, begin by showing your dog a doggie treat, enticing him to follow it with his nose and mouth. Then hold it next to his ear and slowly spiral it clockwise or counter-clockwise, encouraging your dog to “spin around” to do the same. Say “spin” loudly and clearly as you do so. When your dog has completed a 360-degree rotation, then give your him or her the treat and say “good boy" or "good girl", making your German Shepherd feel loved and validated. Your dog enjoys spinning anyway – ever seen a dog chase his tail – so this trick is something you will both enjoy. Try to adopt a distinctive circling wrist gesture as you do this – soon your German Shepherd will recognize the gesture (and sound) and obey you even without the treat, and soon will ultimately be able to “spin” on command without treat or gesture (do give your dog a treat every now and then, though – just because your German Shepherd has mastered the art doesn't mean you should withhold the goodies altogether!

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