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The "Nose Balancing Act"| The German Shepherd

This circus-style trick prompts your German Shepherd Dog to balance a cookie on his or her nose. It is especially well-suited to the German Shepherd Dog, as this breed has a large muzzle, which is perfect for balancing objects. It is, however, a difficult trick to teach your German Shepherd, for many dogs lack the will-power to keep the cookie perfectly balanced, and instead allow themselves to knock the cookie to the floor and root around in order to eat it right away! To teach your dog this trick, therefore, you need to hold onto the cookie and make sure your dog doesn't get hold of it until he or she deserves a “reward” for performing the trick correctly. Hold your dog's muzzle closely and ask him or her to “stay” - they should already be well-acquainted with this command. Once you balance the cookie on their muzzle and nose, reiterate the exhortation to “stay.” Take away the cookie if your dog refuses. Then, when your dog is at last finished with the trick (try not to take too long at first) say something along the lines of “let go! It's okay! Let go!” and allow your German Shepherd to eat the cookie. Be sure not to do this trick with chocolate chip cookies, or any other chocolate-containing product. Consider using carob biscuits instead, as they are far healthier for dogs and do not present any risk of fatal maladies.

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