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"Turn on the Light" Trick | The German Shepherd

Teach your German Shepherd to "turn on the light"-no, seriously! This trick can be rather useful, but incredibly messy. Only consider doing it if you have a light switch at a safely low height for your German Shepherd Dog to reach, and if your German Shepherd Dog is in good enough shape not to hurt him- or herself doing it. In this trick, you will teach your dog to use a flip on-off light switch (a dimmer might also work). Smear peanut butter or another healthy, tasty treat (not Nutella – chocolate is bad for dogs) on the light switch, while exhorting your dog to “Turn on the Light” or simply, more pithily, “light!” Once your dog has turned off the light, offer him or her a separate treat, making it clear that the change in room light is the condition for his or her reward and praise. Soon your German Shepherd will learn to associate the action of turning off the “light” with your command to do so. Another, less messy but perhaps less effective way to teach this trick is by repeating the same basic idea, but instead dangling a treat over the light switch, prompting your German Shepherd dog to fiddle and fumble with the item, rather than having him or her get the walls all messy with peanut butter.

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