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"Just Say No" and "Open the Box" Tricks | The German Shepherd

“Just Say No”, a wonderful trick that your German Shepherd should be able to perform, is popular with dogs that are used as “actors” in film and television media. It consists of the dog shaking his head, as if to say “No” and refuse the owner something. To teach your German Shepherd this trick, do a repeat of the water trick as outlined in the "peek-a-boo" trick. But instead of aiming at your dog's eyes, aim at his or her ears. You must be careful to differentiate ears and eyes so that your dog doesn't get confused – display your bottle at a 90-degree angle from your “eyes” angle for the peek-a-boo trick. But be careful not to spray too closely inside the ears – this might not be healthy for your German Shepherd. It's an advanced trick to learn, without question, but one that can be mastered by such a highly intelligent breed as the German Shepherd.

Another trick for your German Shepherd is the "open the box" trick, which, like many tricks, is rather more “cute” than it is useful. But it is extremely amusing to see the sight of your German Shepherd Dog nosing his way into a box-full of treats. Just get a cardboard or paper box (like a Chinese takeaway container) and put a treat in the box. As you place the box before your dog, tell your German Shepherd loudly, clearly, and firmly to “open the box, open the box.” Soon, you will see that your dog comes to associate the action of opening the box (and getting the tasty treat inside) with your command. Soon, you will be able to say “open the box” and have your German Shepherd "nose" his way inside any container, treat inside or no treat. (Although do reward your dog with “external” treats when he or she opens the box, even if they are not placed inside the box directly.)

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