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"Getting the Slippers" Trick | The German Shepherd

Want to teach your German Shepherd to "get your slippers"? Well, the old film trope of a dog playing “butler” to his or her human is a rather difficult one to achieve in real life, but with a lot of hard work, patience and effort, you can train your dog to fetch your slipper. This trick should be taught to your German Shepherd dog in two separate stages. First, make sure your dog sees you hiding a treat in your slippers while you loudly and clearly make sure your dog hears the word “Slippers” - associating the tasty treat with the object. Once your German Shepherd learns to associate “slippers” with the item in which you place his treats, it's time for phase two of the program. You'll have to assume as well that your dog knows how to “fetch” - if he or she doesn't, make sure to also teach “Fetch” to your German Shepherd by throwing a toy or stick in the distance. Your dog will instinctively bring it back to you – by crying “fetch” as you throw away the item and rewarding him with a treat if he or she returns the item, your dog will learn to associate “Fetch” with the action of retrieval. Now, show your German Shepherd Dog the treat in your hand. “Fetch my slippers!” you must command him or her. If the dog initially does not “fetch,” then bring the treat with you as you “walk” your dog through the motions, rewarding him or her at the end of the action. Eventually, your dog should learn to “fetch” the “slippers,” having learned to understand both words. Reward your German Shepherd lavishly and praise him or her highly for mastering this particularly difficult trick.

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