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Applying Consistency and being the Master | The German Shepherd

Because the German Shepherd is an active and determined, even a bold dog, they need a bit more attention than the average dog when it comes to training and social interaction. These dogs are fierce and noble warriors – they are naturally dominant , and it may take some time for you to establish that you are the master and he or she the pet, rather than the other way around. Make sure you know how to control your German shepherd or you might find yourself on a leash instead! So, then – what is the best way to train your German shepherd?

The most important element in your training program should be consistency. Dogs are fast learners, but they learn from everything around them and can't necessarily distinguish between lessons you “want” them to learn or not. If you let your dog “off the hook” because, say, he or she is chewing your shoe so adorably or he or she looks so darn cute while tracking mud through the house, the dog will pick up on your indulgence and learn that it is “okay” to do these things. Ultimately, your German Shepherd may be very confused and saddened if you are in a less good mood and decide to yell at him or her for the same activity later on. So be firm and consistent. When your dog does something “good” - whether it's sitting and staying or putting out a paw to shake, give your dog praise. Likewise, when your puppy does something “bad,” make it clear with your body language and vocal intonation that this is a BAD activity, not to be repeated. You want to establish yourself as “alpha dog” in your own home. German Shepherds, just like any other dog breed, respond to the commands of a leader, so establishing your role as such is very important t o making sure you and your dog have a strong relational bond.

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