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Harmful Household Products | The German Shepherd

It is also important to keep your dog away of some household products, which may include some dangerous chemicals. These products include antifreeze, which is unfortunately attractive to dogs due to its sweet flavor. If your dog consumes antifreeze, even in trace amounts, administer apomorphene or peroxide solution in order to try to get your dog to vomit as much of the poison as possible. Then get your dog to a veterinarian immediately because antifreeze leads to renal failure due to the ethylene glycol, which forms crystals in the kidneys of an animal. Additionally, products such as detergent, bleach, batteries and a whole host of cleaning supplies can also prove very dangerous for your pets as they can lead to severe internal bleeding and other serious health complications. Pets are much like children-inquisitive and always curious-thus its best to keep all of these harmful chemicals stored safely and away from your pets at all times.

Try investing in biodegradable, green products as they tend to have less side effects in the unlikely event your pet decides to inhale, lick or eat this product. Large dogs, such as German Shepherds, should never be mistaken for an animal that can withstand any amount of ingestion of a harmful household product just because they are big and can “take it”. Regardless of your pet’s size and weight, immediate veterinary care is recommended. To be extra safe, always post the name, address, and phone number of an emergency veterinarian on your refrigerator or someplace conspicuous.

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