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Dangerous Foods to Avoid Feeding your Dog | The German Shepherd

It is also important to be aware of that fact that some common and enjoyable human foods are in fact dangerous to you German Shepherd, or any dog for that manner, and could even prove fatal. The most famous example is chocolate. While dogs love the taste of chocolate, the bromine in the chocolate cannot be metabolized by dogs, and thus the effects of the chemical, a stimulant not unlike caffeine, can prove fatal. Even an amount as small as thirty grams of baking chocolate per kilogram of your German Shepherd's body weight is dangerous, so make sure he or she stays as far away from the candy jar as possible. Give your German Shepherd carob treats instead, which are healthy and safe for them to eat and enjoy.

Less commonly known is the danger of grapes and grape product on dogs. Do not feed your German Shepherd grapes or raisins (or wine) under any circumstances; for even a few grapes can cause renal failure in dogs, although scientists are still not clear on why exactly this is the case. Even a single raisin can prove fatal to a dog weighing as little as ten pounds, so make sure that the fruit bowl is on a high enough shelf. Other foods that all dogs, including your German Shepherd, should avoid include onions and, to a lesser extent, garlic as these foods contain thiosulfate, which has been linked to hemolytic anemia in small animals like dogs or cats, regardless of whether the food is cooked or raw. Also avoid macadamia nuts as these can cause abdominal pain in your dogs. Also avoid giving your dog ice cream and excessive table scraps.

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