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Feeding your Dog a Natural Diet | The German Shepherd

But even if you don't have time to cook for your German Shepherd all the time, preparing a more “natural” treat for him or her can be a special way to bond with your dog and ensure his or her health. The Official German Shepherd Guide gives a tasty-looking recipe for a “casserole” that can be enjoyed by man and dog alike! Just mix potatoes, about 500g of meat, some diced celery and carrot, and leave it in a casserole dish to bake for about an hour. Once this mixture of vitamins and nutrients (and yummy tastes) cools, serve it to your German Shepherd dog as a special treat. One other recipe – which shouldn't, however, be tried by humans – is a dog meal pie. Mix dog meal with six ounces of broth, some meat scraps, and whole wheat flour, and bake this mixture, serving it when it cools. Add vegetables as you see fit – but careful not to add too much fiber unless you feel like spending the night cleaning doggie stool off the kitchen floor! Another thing to do is purchase free range chicken, beef, bison, or turkey, keeping the organ meats to a minimum but adding some green tripe. Mix some of this meat with pail cultured yogurt – about a serving spoon full – a raw egg yolk, some pureed green vegetables like spinach, kale, or bok choi, and add a teaspoon of flax oil, one of olive oil, one of cod liver or salmon oil, and some vitamin C (if your puppy is under four months old about 500 mg, an adult uppy should have 1000 mg between the ages of 4-6 months and 1500-2000 mg thereafter).

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