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A Mentally and Physically Active Dog | The German Shepherd

Your ideal German Shepherd is very active – both mentally and physically. This is a dog that wants and in fact needs to be challenged with mental exercise as well as games like frisbee, fetching a stick, or chasing a ball. These dogs are so intelligent that they would be wasted on a home that only wants a “casual” pet, so before you commit to a German Shepherd, make sure you can commit also to “keeping up” with the creature! This quality of theirs makes them a great choice for those living alone who want a partner to keep them healthy, active, and social; who could fail to be inspired by the buoyant wagging of a German Shepherd's tail? Likewise, these dogs – if properly trained – are good for kids that are old enough not to pull Fido's tail but still have the energy and enthusiasm to want to run alongside the pet for hours a day. But for the sedentary, or for those living in a city, the German Shepherd might not be the best choice; keeping a dog like the German Shepherd indoors is unfair to his temperament, however amenable the idea may be to yours! Ultimately, the decision is yours, just remember that the German Shepherd is a very active dog, both mentally and physically, and as such, constant exercise and interaction is required.

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