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The Vaccination Debate for your German Shepherd

This brief “checkup” of your German Shepherd may not make you a qualified veterinarian, but it does make sure that you're aware enough of your dog's condition to know when to take him or her to the veterinarian. That said, you should always take your dog for a check-up at the veterinarian a few times a year; he or she might find something you missed, and it is far better to address any potential health problems early. Of course, another very important element is getting your German Shepherd vaccinated; vaccinations are an important part of preventative medicine. As such, there has been much debate as to the frequency of vaccinations, leading many to think that annual revaccinations may not be very healthy for your German Shepherd, or any dog for that matter. The advent of holistic and homeopathic dog treatment and prevention has run full steam and head-on with the conventional wisdom of annual vaccination for dogs.

The debate and argument on both sides is quite strong indeed, with traditionalists and conventional wisdom stating that vaccinations are absolutely necessary, while opponents say otherwise, blaming vaccinations and more importantly, revaccinations, for a large number of illnesses within dogs. As far as you and your German Shepherd are concerned, consult with your veterinarian, reach out to community forums online, and ask the tough and necessary questions before you embark on a vaccination regime for your German Shepherd. Many veterinarians treating German Shepherds have come out very strongly against vaccinations, particularly re-vaccinations, suggesting the vaccines injected into an animal cause nothing more than long-term health issues.

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