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Look, Listen, and Learn from your German Shepherd

The first question you should ask yourself should be quite general: has my German Shepherd been able to move normally, in a healthy manner, or is he or she suffering from a lack of coordination or is he or she limping or walking with difficulty? Have there been any changes in weight or appetite lately for either food or drink, or in temperament – is my German Shepherd more aggressive or angry than usual, or more lethargic? Just like people, animals have personalities, and signs of anger or depression in dogs, as in humans, can be a sign of something medically wrong. Likewise, watch out for a bloated abdomen – this can be a sign of the often-fatal illness Gastric Torsion, which requires immediate (as absolute soon as possible – call an overnight vet) attention!

Once you have finished asking yourself these general questions, check out your German Shepherd's mouth. Are the gums healthy-looking, or are they red or swollen or even bleeding; are the teeth dirty or loose, or are there any sores of the tongue or gums. Shepherds can be stinky, but particularly bad breath can be the sign of something a bit wrong, so do watch out if you can. It's always better to be safe than sorry, so if your German Shepherd is acting differently or just doesn't seem right, it's time to go to the vet.

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