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Eyes, Nose, and Ears of your German Shepherd | Pay Attention to these Crucial Areas

Next, pay attention to your German Shepherd's eyes. While a healthy dog has a clear, bright glee, a dog who is unhealthy might have some of the following symptoms: a tendency towards squinting, eyes that are cloudy with discolored whites, pupils that don't respond immediately or re unequal in their response, or discharge coming from the eyes. These are all warning signs that something might be wrong. Additionally, check out your German Shepherds ears for redness or crusty tips, which might be a sign of infection (pay special attention if your dog is frequently shaking or tilting his head and scratching his ears; he or she may be trying to tell you that something is wrong.) Also be sensitive to any bad odors coming out of the ears. It must be noted that German Shepherds have tendencies toward allergies and immune system problems that can often be an underlying problem causing the ear infection.

Likewise, a healthy nose is wet and black – but be aware of colored discharge coming out of the nose or a crusted top – these are both warning signs of potential health issues, such as bacterial rhinitis, infected sinuses, kennel cough, and distemper. Additionally, constant sneezing or a running nose can also be a sign of a foreign object within the nasal passage, while polyps and tumors can cause breathing difficulties if found in the nose. Though polyps are not malignant, tumor can be malignant, along with being benign also. In short, be vigilant about your German Shepherd's health at all times.

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