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The Importance of Exercising your German Shepherd

Another important element in the care and keeping of your German Shepherd is keeping him or her fit and active. These dogs are originally bred to be work dogs, after all, should you keep him or her cooped up indoors, you risk forcing your dog into an environment counter to his or her nature. German Shepherds at their best are playful, active creatures – they love to run around, to stretch their legs, and keep their muscles strong and taut. If you don't take your dog out for regular walks – at least twice a day, ideally more – you risk making your dog lethargic and weak – not only in terms of physical strength, but also in terms of his or her auto-immune system, which protects your dog against diseases. Additionally, keeping your German Shepherd active physically also promotes a healthy mental state of mind for your dog: he or she actually looks forward to the walks, car rides to the park or going for a run. Interestingly, German Shepherds can become quite intuitive, as they begin to instinctively "know" its play time or that special time of the day.

German Shepherds are typically healthy dogs, living on average between twelve and sixteen years, and well-bred dogs are less susceptible to health issues than others, so choose your breeders carefully, and avoid “puppy mills” that try and produce lots of dogs without an awareness of the health issues inherent in poor breeding. But most importantly, regardless of where your German Shepherd came from, give him or her lots of love, attention, and exercise.

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