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Technological marvels of Dog Bedding |

Crazy title right? You’re probably thinking “dog bedding with computers”? No, no, we’re not talking futuristic dog bedding that grooms, cleans up poop and washes your dog, we’re talking clever material. Material that repels liquid and stops bacteria growing and spreading; clever stuff. Not stuff you would probably think to find in a dog bed.

Dog Gone Smart is a brand that makes clever dog beds using Nanosphere Fabric by Schoeller which simply allows liquid to run off textiles. This new technology mimics the way plants self-clean. Indeed, self-cleaning dog beds! Nano technology is transferred to the surface of the material rather than the traditional way of impregnating it which also gives washing permanence, oil repelling properties and dirt repelling properties.

As well as this clever Nanosphere stuff, there’s also bacteriostatic agents which is a chemical or biological agent that helps prevent the spread of bacteria. At the same time, it doesn’t necessarily harm the bacteria (environmentally safe too!) just prevents the growth. Often used in plastics, this clever stuff has now been used in dog bedding.

So does this mean that you can get your hands on a drool-proof, mud-proof, self-cleaning dog bed? Well, yes, kind of. Although it’s not recommended you completely leave the dog bed un-cleaned (I couldn’t summon up the psychological willpower to do such a thing anyway) it does make them much cleaner in general and easier to maintain.

What this bacteriostatic agent enables is for bad doggy odours to be dramatically reduced, if not completely gone. Without getting too personal, I’m a fan of the doggy smell, but I know many more owners who don’t and would love a product like this.

I find it fascinating that technology has come this far that even every day products that we take for granted are becoming endowed with this kind of power. Our fine four legged friends are none the wiser of course. Here’s somewhere you can buy these awesome smell proof dog beds. For a reasonable price, they are well worth a go!

Author Bio: Joseph Smith has a degree in Zoology, as well as having owned and taken care of many animals and pets in his career. To find out more about buying beds for dog, visit


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