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The Importance of Grooming | The German Shepherd

A way to keep your German Shepherd's under-coat healthy is by “blowing” the coat, a seasonal molting of the dead hairs on the under coat. This happens within just a few days or weeks, and the German Shepherd dog can shed enough fur to fill a whole trash can. When you groom your dog during the blowing period, an extreme amount of hair will fall out. Do not panic! Your dog is perfectly healthy and safe! However, you should take care to keep your German Shepherd off any particularly valuable pieces of furniture during this time period! Regular grooming of both the top and the bottom layer of your German Shepherd dog's fur is integral to keeping the coat clean and healthy and to minimize the amount of shedding in your German Shepherd Dog.

If you brush your dog's hair daily or at least weekly, the amount of shedding that your dog does will be immeasurably reduced – a small price to pay for vastly decreased hassle. Grooming your German Shepherd dog on a regular basis is also desirable for other reasons. You will be better equipped to make sure that your dog has no ticks or fleas or other parasites, and will be able to catch signs of any infection or health problem early on in the process. Be sure to also feed your dog properly and healthily; a balanced, appropriate diet can do wonders in terms of cutting down on the amount that your German Shepherd dog sheds.

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