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Ear Cleaning | The German Shepherd

You should also check the ears of your German Shepherd dog weekly, cleaning the ears should there be a wax buildup There are several products that you can purchase from your local veterinarian or pet store that will ease with the process. Deposit some of these dog solutions into the ear – just a few drops per ear – to clean out excess wax. While humans often use Q-tips or alcohol to clean their own ears, it is highly inadvisable to do so with your German Shepherd Dog – leave the heavy-duty stuff to the vets.

If your German Shepherd dog should end up suffering from ear mites, you should get veterinary help right away. These creatures are very contagious and can infect other dogs in your household or neighborhood. Keep an eye out for your German Shepherd constantly shaking his or her head and scratching at his or her ears, warning signs of a mite infestation. You might also see tiny white specks of ear wax removed from your infected dog. Treat this problem repeatedly for weeks, as insecticides only clears away/kills the adult mites, you need to do it over and over again until the baby mites are killed as well.

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