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Bathing your Furry Friend | The German Shepherd

Remember, you should never clip your German Shepherd dog for cosmetic reasons and you should never bath him or her too frequently. In general, German Shepherd dogs do not need to be clipped, and while you may wish to make your dog's hair fluffier or fuller, there are far better, healthier, and safer ways to achieve this objective. Consider brushing your dog's coat in the opposite direction of its hair growth and then lightly brush the coat in the opposite direction. If you do this a few times a week, you can do this whole process from start to finish in as little as a quarter of an hour. However, this number is not standard; different German Shepherd dogs have longer or shorter coat, naturally, and these natural differences might require you to adjust your expectations somewhat.

When it comes to baths, you only have to worry about bathing your German Shepherd dog once in a while. As long as you feed your dog high-quality food and brush and groom your dog on a regular basis, you don't need to give your German Shepherd dog a bath more than once or twice in a given year. In fact, it's not a good idea to give your a dog a bath more often than this, because you essentially end up stripping your dog's skin of its healthy natural oils. Use a shampoo made specifically for dogs, the pH of the dog's body is different from that of humans, so shampoos made for people are an unhealthy choice for your German Shepherd dog. If you have a flea problem, however – if your German Shepherd dog is suffering from fleas – you might have to up the number of baths that you give your German Shepherd dog as part of a flea-battling program. Lastly, when you bathe your German Shepherd dog, be sure to put cotton in his or her ears in order to stop water from being able to enter the dog's ear canal, which in turn limits the likelihood of future ear infections.

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