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A "Double Coat" | The German Shepherd

In order to understand how to groom your German Shepherd Dog, you should probably begin by learning about the kind of coat your German Shepherd Dog has. German Shepherd dogs have a special “double coat.” This means that there is one undercoat of fur next to the skin, with the consistency of soft down, alongside a second coat – with longer “guard hairs” that are coarse and even rough, serving as a kind of outer shells. In general, you will have to only worry about brushing this outer layer regularly and giving your dog an occasional bath when he or she gets too smelly. But this is the layer that will shed, and any potential owner will have to deal with the consequences of that. As for the second layer, the under-coat, is “blown” twice a year (more on that later). That said, it is not “care”-free – you still need to make sure that this undercoat does not mat. Matting can lead to bald spots, hotspots, rashes, and other skin problems in your German Shepherd dog. If you let the clumps of fur build to excess underneath the outer coat, the coat and skin will not be able to breathe properly and this could lead in turn to some quite serious health problems for your German Shepherd dog.

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