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Rin Tin Tin | The German Shepherd

Like Strongheart, Rin Tin Tin was a great celebrity of early Hollywood, and his name is synonymous with the glamor and glory of the studio age. Often called the “most famous German Shepherd dog,” Rin Tin Tin appeared in a number of movies, radio plays, and television serials during his lifetime, and was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his efforts.

Rin Tin Tin's rise to fame is almost as cinematic as his achievements. Found in Lorraine, France, late during the First World War, by serviceman Lee Duncan, Rin Tin Tin may have been a war dog shell-shocked by the horrors of war. Duncan took the dog in and named him after the “rin tin tin” puppets popular with French children at that time. After returning the dog (whom he affectionately termed “Rinty”) to America, Duncan began teaching the clever dog tricks, and Rin Tin Tin was eventually “picked up” by film producer Charles Jones, who saw in Rin Tin Tin great star potential. Rin Tin Tin appeared in a number of films and radio shows after that. He made his “big break” in 1922, when he “played” a wolf in The Man From Hell's River. After that, Rin Tin Tin appeared – both as a dog and as a wolf – in a wide variety of films, from 1923's Where the North Begins (opposite famous human actress Claire Adams), Shadows of the North in 1923, Clash of the Wolves in 1925, A Dog of the Regiment in 1927, and Tiger Rose in 1929.

Rin Tin Tin also appeared in a number of radio serials (although sometimes the dog credited as Rin Tin Tin was not Rin Tin Tin at all), including The Wonder Dog, on which Rin Tin Tin did his own voice effects, and which ran from 1930-1932, and two incarnations of Rin Tin Tin on two different networks. Rin Tin Tin's successors took on the name and the franchise in the 1950's television show The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, although the original Rin Tin Tin had by this time passed on.

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