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Finding your Ideal Dog | The German Shepherd

One of the most important issues to contend with when deciding which German Shepherd dog to take home with you is figuring out where to get your German Shepherd dog from. There are a variety of options. Some local pet shops sell German Shepherd dogs, but these are often not the most reliable options. Pet stores often get their supplies from “puppy mills” - disreputable breeders that force dogs to breed faster than they would naturally without attention to selectivity or good practice husbandry, producing sickly pups with a high risk for behavioral or health issues.

Even pet stores that buy their animals from reliable breeders are often unable to give their animals a healthy, stable, happy home before they are purchased, often scarring these animals for life with unethical owning practices like drugging dogs to make them more “docile” and attractive to customers, or keeping them on display in too-small cages. Thus it is better, if you choose not to go the adoption route, to go directly to the breeder him- or herself, keeping an eye out for the factors that signal a reputable breeder rather than a suspicious “puppy mill.”

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