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Unethical Breeders and Puppy Mills | The German Shepherd

Before we talk about “good” German Shepherd breeders, however, it is best to say a word of two of caution and warning against “bad” breeders and puppy mills for German Shepherds, or any dog or animal, for that manner. Too many buyers are seduced by the promises of puppy mills, the “prestige” of inflated prices, or the relative ease of purchasing a puppy, and decide that they are willing to take the risk of, for example, a puppy with a weaker heart or less strong disposition. But what needs to be enormously clear to anyone considering going the puppy mill route is that the “risk” - as it were – is not only to the buyer.

Buying German shepherd dogs – or indeed any kind of dog at all – from a puppy mill supports the continuation of unethical and indeed inhuman practices. Stories abound of dogs treated as mere “breeding machines” - kept in disgusting, dank, claustrophobic conditions – infections and medical conditions ignored by inexperienced or uncaring handlers. Dogs often live deprived, miserable lives – their collars fusing into their fur and skin, their nose and eyes crusted over with pus, unable to eat, sleep, or urinate or defecate properly – and are treated with an absolute disregard for their life when at last they are beyond childbearing age – often shot and killed rather than turned over to animal shelters; often those that are turned over to such rescue centers are in such a hopeless condition that it is necessary to tragically euthanize them. Thus we urge you to avoid buying dogs from puppy mills at all costs.

While it may be that the dog purchased is himself or herself fine and in peak condition, the financial support of the puppy mill industry leads inevitably to the deaths and abuses of many hundreds of other wonderful dogs every year. It is only by adopting dogs from a pound, or alternatively by buying from a reputable dog breeder, that this calamity can be avoided.

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