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Other Helpful Tips on Finding your Ideal Dog | The German Shepherd

When looking for your German Shepherd, one of the most important elements in the decision-making process is not the presence of hard and fast rules but rather “gut feeling” - does this breeder “feel” right or trustworthy to you or not? It is a safe bet that if a breeder gives you that “uh oh” feeling, you should high-tail it out of there, fast. All genuine dog-lovers are sensitive to the possibilities of dogs suffering or being mistreated, and likewise know when a dog is happy or not – breeders that don't seem open to this kind of understanding are more likely than not just in it for the money, rather than out of a genuine love for or concern for German Shepherd dogs.

So ask around , not just with your local German Shepherd dog clubs but also at other organizations associated with dogs, such as your local veterinarian, for example, or dog groomers or pet toy shops. People in the know will often have a sense of the general reputations of all the breeders in the area, and will know who to avoid and who to patronize. While interviewing your German Shepherd breeder, make sure to get copies of any medical documentation, including shots and de-worming, as well as checking up on the German Shepherd dog's parents – are they OFA certified or AKC Registered? These aren't necessary, but any German Shepherd breeder who is forthcoming about the information in an honest, straightforward way is one to be trusted.

And don't underestimate looking at your potential new German Shepherd yourself. Nothing can give you a better sense of whether this dog is the right one to take home than the dog you're about to welcome into your family. Is he or she healthy? Happy? Of a good temperament? These are all important issues to be raised, so don't be shy about wanting to spend a good deal of time with your potential new best friend before making a final decision; a good German Shepherd breeder should be understanding of this need.

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