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Tips on Finding a Reputable Breeder | The German Shepherd

Looking for a German Shepherd, but not sure where to turn to? Listed below are helpful tips and do's and don'ts in finding your ideal German Shepherd:

1. DO check out your dog's Kennel Club for a list of breeders as an initial preliminary step towards narrowing down your breeders, but

2. DON'T rely on the Kennel Club list exclusively. It is merely just a list of those breeders who register their puppies with the kennel club. While this is a positive sign, it is not in and of itself a guarantee that the breeders are reputable or ethical German Shepherd breeders; the list makes no “value judgment” as to the quality of the breeder.

3. DON'T rely solely on free classifieds. It is very unlikely that the German Shepherd breeders advertising their dogs and services there are the kind of breeders you're looking for if you want to adopt a happy, safe, healthy, and well-looked after dog.

4. DO be willing to wait. The best – and indeed most of the good – breeders have a waiting list for their puppies, both because people know about their high quality breeding standards, and because they allow dogs to breed at a natural, healthy pace, rather than forcing the dogs into potentially harmful frequent pregnancies.

5. DON'T buy from a breeder who doesn't allow you to see the mother of the puppy you're interested in. All reputable German Shepherd breeders should be willing to show you their dogs; only those who have something to hide – or have bought their litter from a horrendous “puppy mill” - will be wary of giving you an insight into your grown-up puppy.

6. DON'T trust a German Shepherd breeder who mixes white colored fur with blacks and tans – it's an unhealthy practice that taints the bloodline of the dogs involved, and often leads to dogs with bizarre features and spoiled temperaments.

7. DO remember that looks aren't everything. Good German Shepherd breeders breed not just for attractive physical traits, but also for intelligence and temperament – that sleek, gorgeous dog gotten from a puppy mill might have some serious behavioral or respect issues.

8. DO purchase insurance – veterinary bills can be expensive, and investing in your German Shepherd' s health and future is always a good idea.

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