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The Importance of Exercise | The German Shepherd

Giving your German Shepherd dog a nutritious, balanced diet, and grooming him or her frequently only makes up part of the story of raising a happy, healthy, German Shepherd dog. As any new owner of a German Shepherd puppy is sure to know, these dogs are energetic, filled with the life and vigor that makes them such a charming and winsome part of any household. But this life and vigor can sometimes be too exhausting for a human companion – the boundless bundles of energy might appear to be a bit too boundless for many tastes – and dog owners often find themselves slacking in their duty to give their German Shepherd dogs plenty of exercise along with the other basics of dog needs – food, shelter, care, and love.

No matter how tired you, the owner, might be, never fail to get off that couch and engage your German Shepherd dog – not to mention yourself – in healthy, tip-top shape. This isn't just an act of kindness to your beloved pet. Rather, studies have shown that in fact keeping up with an active dog like a German Shepherd helps humans to be healthier themselves – losing excess weight, building up muscle, and overall living longer and better lives! So there's no excuse to not exercise with your German Shepherd dog, and help your pet live his or her life to the fullest.

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