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Exercise Essentials | The German Shepherd

Likewise, avoid keeping your dog exercising on surfaces like pavements that are “too hard” for your dog. While the occasional exercise on a hard surface is in fact good for your dogs – it's a natural method of filing down your dog's nails and avoiding excess toenail growth – going too far is highly inadvisable. While humans can wear soft, comfortable shoes like trainers to avoid feeling the excessive impact of asphalt, dogs have no such recourse, and the hard, flat pavement may damage their joints. Also avoid cycling with your dog, lest your dog begin to see cycles as objects to be followed and get him or herself into a painful or even serious accident.

An adult German Shepherd dog should be exercised between two and three times a day, for periods of 30 minutes to an hour. This need not involve Olympic-level sporting. A brisk walk through a field or park with the dog on a long enough lead to allow him or her to wander relatively freely (though safely), or even no lead at all if your dog can be thus trusted to obey commands like “heel” (and there are no young children around), could well be enough exercise for both you and the dog. Consider bringing along a tennis ball or other toy in order to play a game of “fetch” with your dog in order to liven up your dog's daily activity routine.  Exercise also helps in getting your dog's joints and muscles working and staying active.  It's also important to give your German Shepherd Liquid Health K-9 Glucosamine with OptiMSM, Hip and Joint Formula, 32-Ounce Unit glucosamine supplements for ensuring their joints stay healthy.


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