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Setting an Example for your Dog | The German Shepherd

If you see any of these signs of your German Shepherd Dog losing his or her temper, it is absolutely vital not to lose your own. You need to be an example of control and self-restraint in order to foster these same behaviors in your German Shepherd dog. Remember, your German Shepherd is not born knowing how to behave in a human environment; he or she is taught – and it is your responsibility to be their teacher. If you yell and scream – or worse, behave with physical violence – towards your German Shepherd dog, it is likely that he or she will learn these behaviors from you, and become worse behaviorally in the future. Furthermore, your dog may not even understand why you are angry with him or her, growing fearful and suspicious and destroying the delicate bond between owner and pet. This is absolutely the last thing you want to do, and will have severe repercussions for the trust between you and your dog which is at the center of your relationship.

You might want to consider sending a particularly troublesome or aggressive German Shepherd dog to an obedience training seminar or program. The individuals running these systems are for the most part professionals who will no doubt be glad to receive your German Shepherd dog and use their many years of experience to best treat your dog with respect even as they help him or her abandon destructive or self-destructive behaviors and adopt more conciliatory ones.

Another option you might consider – and are indeed strongly advised to consider – is spaying or neutering your German Shepherd dog. Your German Shepherd female dog can be potentially far more aggressive when in heat and spaying or neutering your dog can drastically improve behavior in your pet by reducing unwanted hormones and the risk of a dangerous accidental pregnancy. Remember, the only people who should be breeding dogs are professional breeders – otherwise you risk unhealthy behavior and even more unhealthy puppies as a result of your pets' natural couplings.

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