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Raising your Puppy the Right Way | The German Shepherd

Not every puppy is born knowing precisely how to behave in every circumstances – it requires the careful nurturing hand of a dog owner to make sure that your German Shepherd puppy learns to deal with feelings of fear or suspicion without behaving in a violent or hostile manner towards humans or other dogs. Furthermore, given that German Shepherd dogs were originally bred as a true working dog, they do have a natural propensity towards some elements of aggression – the same actions that are useful in scaring off wolves and herding sheep.

But this does in no way mean that your German Shepherd dog will display aggressive behavior to you or to your children. Just raise your German Shepherd with lots of love, attention, and affection, and keep an eye out for any early warning signs of aggression, so that you are better able to train your dog to avoid these destructive and self-destructive behaviors. As an owner, you can have a tremendous amount of influence on your dog's long-term personality, thus, the care and attention you give your German Shepherd at an early age will pay dividends for years to come. Just as with humans and children, it starts at an early age and you need to set an example with a positive tone, complete with love and attention.

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