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Aggression and Violence | The German Shepherd

While German Shepherd dogs are often considered one of the most famous dog breeds, they are also one of the least well-understood. Common misconceptions about the German Shepherd Dog are rife in both the pet-owning and wider community, leading to plenty of unfortunate incidents of violence and neglect against these majestic creatures. While it is true that the German Shepherd's large size, powerful muscles, and fierce jaw make the canine quite an intimidating creature – one certainly capable of doing violence if necessary to defend his or her master against attack – this is categorically not the same thing as implying that German Shepherd dogs are in any way violent, uncontrollable, or dangerous beings. Rather, a well-trained German shepherd is far from aggressive and dangerous – it is German Shepherd Dogs, more than almost any other breed, that are called upon by police forces and military troops alike to serve with the same discipline and self-restraint that is asked of the human members of these forces.

German Shepherd dogs can certainly be trained as “attack” dogs under certain settings – but a German Shepherd dog that is brought up well, is loved, and is not abused is no more likely to engage in a wanton program of attack than is a similarly well-treated human. The dogs that you see on television or in airports working as “protection” or “security” dogs have been specifically trained for the purpose of being violent on command (and always obeying the demands of their human handlers), and are a far cry from the intelligent, warm, and loving German Shepherd dogs that have brightened many households and families. Do not be fooled by the myth of the German Shepherd dog's aggression – in real life, they are far from a dangerous breed.

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