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German Shepherd Breed Measurements, Appearance and Features | Neck | Body | Forequarters | Hindquarters | AKC | SV

Additional German Shepherd measurements, appearances and features include that of the neck, which according to the American Kennel Club (AKC) is strong and muscular, considerably long, along with being proportionate in size to the head of the dog. Additionally, the back of the German Shepherd is strongly developed, straight, with little or no sag. In short, the entire structure of the German Shepherd's body is one of depth, solidity, but void of any bulkiness.

As for the German Shepherd's chest, it is to be filled out, deep, not shallow, and providing considerable room for the dog's organs, with ribs that are neither flat or protruding in a barrel fashion.  As for the tail, it should be bushy and hanging ever so slightly while at rest. While short tails are considered a serious default by the AKC, docked tails are a disqualification for the dog.

As for the German Shepherd's shoulder blades, they should be long, and well-muscled.  As for dewclaws on the forelegs, they are usually removed,  but are allowed to stay on as this is not a disqualification.  Lastly, the hindquarters should be broad, well-muscled, with dewclaws removed from the rear legs.

As for the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV), the official club for the German Shepherd dog in Germany, they state that the neck should be strong, well muscled, with the back being long, firm, strong, and well muscled. The German Shepherd's chest is to be somewhat broad, with a chest depth approximately 45 % to 48 % of the dog's height at the withers. As for the ribs, they should slightly curve, but should not exhibit a barrel-like chest at all, while the tail should carry itself gently and should never be docked.

Moreover, the front limbs of the German Shepherd should be straighg, and firmly attached to a well-muscled torso.  As for the hindquarters, they should be parallel to each other, with powerful and well-muscled thighs and hock joints that are well-built. Lastly, the paws are to be slightly arched with dark colored pads.

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