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About German Shepherds | History, Overview, Health, Diet, Personality, Colors, Training, Grooming, and More!

Want to learn all about German Shepherds, such as breed history, health issues, recommended diet and nutritional requirements, the various colors, along with essential training and grooming tips? If so, you’ve come to the right place at, where you can all learn all about German Shepherds and this world-renowned breed.  As for learning about German Shepherds, it’s critically important you take time to educate yourself on the following categories:

German Shepherd History and Overview: This is without question a very proud and noble breed, a dog envisioned by its founder, Captain Max Von Stephanitz, to be a working dog capable of performing various duties, from guarding sheep to protecting its family. Learn more about German Shepherds and their storied history.

German Shepherd Health Problems and General Issues: Learning about German Shepherds also means educating yourself on important health issues regarding this popular and enduring breed. German Shepherds are prone to a number of common health ailments, such as the following:

•    Cancer
•    Heart Issues
•    Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

It’s important that you obtain your German Shepherd from a reputable, honest, and ethical breeder so as to minimize health issues that could arise during a dog’s lifetime.  That’s not too say you should shy away from adoption or shelters dogs, as they can be wonderful companions also. Remember, adoption is an option!

German Shepherd Personality and Temperament: These are proud and noble dogs indeed, carrying themselves with a dignified manner, while being alert of their surroundings and cautious of strangers.  It’s their well-balanced temperament and high intelligence that make German Shepherds such a versatile canine, performing a wide-range of duties and chores.  Learn more about the German Shepherds personality, its versatility, and how this dog may just be a perfect fit for you (and your family).

Various Colors and Markings:  It’s seems there’s almost no end to the colors and patterns on German Shepherd dogs. From black and tan swirls to solid black and white coats, this canine is one colorful dog indeed!  However, there are a number of recognized colors and patterns, which you can learn more about!

Essential Grooming and Cleaning Tips: German Shepherds shed quite a bit, and their unique coat requires grooming on a regular basis.  But remember, the eyes, ears, nails and other body parts require maintenance also.  Learn all the essential grooming and cleaning today!

Training your German Shepherd: One thing you need to really know about German Shepherds is that they are highly intelligent, ranking as high as the 3rd smartest canine in the world. This is a dog that retains instructions and commands quickly, is eager to please, and relishes in demanding mental and physical training.  If you have the time, energy, and patience to train your dog on any number of commands, games, and tricks, the German Shepherd might be the perfect dog for you! Famous German Shepherds such as Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart graced the silver screens of Hollywood, mesmerizing audiences with their acts.

American vs. European German Shepherds: A fundamentally important component of learning about German Shepherds is that of the “American vs. European” debate, which is a notable issue amongst all in the German Shepherd community.

Finding the Right Breeder: Obtaining your German Shepherd from an honest and ethical breeder is a must, thus provides you with a list of common do’s and don’ts when seeking out your new puppy.
Adopting a German Shepherd: If it’s an older dog you prefer, then there are numerous rescue shelters actively seeking homes for many loving German Shepherds. Should you desire to extend a helping hand to these needy dogs, then you’ll want to know about some important adoption tips and suggestions.

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