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Finding a Rescue Shelter | The German Shepherd

The dog lover seeking to adopt a German Shepherd dog has two options. He can consider heading to one of his local adoption shelters and pick out what “looks” like a German Shepherd dog – these might be pure breed German Shepherds, or they might be dogs of mixed breed with some German Shepherd origins. If this is the route the dog-lover wants to take, there are several nation-wide animal rescue shelters that deserve special patronage. Just head to your local shelter in town and ask to look at dogs of German Shepherd descent. If you, however, are particularly keen on having a German Shepherd Dog specifically, and do not wish to adopt a potential mixed breed dog, then head to one of the specialized German Shepherd Dog rescue centers that can be found in almost any major geographical area throughout the United States and Europe. Other countries outside of the USA and the EU have also done an excellent job of working with and placing German Shepherds and should be commended on their efforts.

One good place to star is the American German Shepherd Rescue Association, also known as the AGSRA, this organization is an umbrella group serving as a fundraising body to operate a variety of programs and operations which help German Shepherd dogs in need, whether they are suffering from neglect and abandonment or cruelty and abuse. The AGSRA offers funding to a number of qualified organizations specializing in the rescue of German Shepherds and reimburses the organizations for rescue activities which may require extra funding. While you cannot adopt from the AGSRA directly, it is worth looking for an AGSRA-sponsored organization in your area.To find out more about this organization, visit, or call the help line referral network at 1-630-529-7396. You can also receive a book containing guidelines for operation your own German shepherd rescue.

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