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Adoption Tips and Suggestions | The German Shepherd

It is important to stress that the decision to adopt not be entered into lightly. There is nothing more wonderful than giving an unwanted German Shepherd a true home, but if you or your family is unprepared to cope with a phrase of adapting , you run the risk of being unable to welcome your new German Shepherd dog fully into your life and consequently may be forced to return your dog to the shelter. Families with particularly young children, especially, are encouraged not to adopt; dogs who have been in the shelter system for a period of time may be wary and suspicious of strangers, and while not hostile by nature may nonetheless react negatively to the poking and prodding of a child unable to understand the difference between “petting” and “tail-putting.” (Of course, even pure-breed or “properly” bred dogs should be treated with the utmost respect, and it is perhaps inadvisable for families with young children to choose such a large dog as a German Shepherd dog to begin with, but rather wait until the child is over and better equipped to understand how best to respect a dog's space and treat it with love, care, and responsible respect.)

But if you have thought through the matter carefully and find that you are not only desirous of giving a German Shepherd dog a home, but also have the time, capacity, space, and family structure to be flexible and to allow your dog a period of adjustment as he or she learns to adapt to his or her new home and trust his or her new owners, then adopting a dog is a highly commendable activity. Adoption one has the potential to bring joy not only to your life, but also to that of a dog whom life has hitherto been unkind.

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