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Adoption is a Wonderful Option | The German Shepherd

For those looking for German Shepherd show dogs or with particularly stringent requirements for their dogs – farmers, for example, seeking work dogs, or German Shepherds to perform their original historic function – it may well be the best idea to go with a breeder. However, for those with less restricted requirements and greater flexibility, choosing instead to adopt a German Shepherd dog from a rescue shelter is a phenomenal option. By choosing to adopt, you in turn choose to save an animal from a lifetime of cruelty or neglect, giving a precious creature a home and a family to love. This is of course the best-case scenario; it is true that when you adopt, you cede your ability to truly understand the genetic makeup of your dog; you are not as well-equipped to anticipate what your dog's mental and physical health needs might be in the future.

Your adopted German Shepherd may have been bred from an unethical or cruel “puppy mill” , meaning that your dog is at a higher risk of suffering serious congenital diseases as a result of improper or unethical breeding. Furthermore, even if your German Shepherd was born physically healthy, the neglect and abuse that troubles many dogs that end up in shelters may have psychologically and physically damaged your dog. In other words, an average adopted German Shepherd dog requires a bit more attention and care than your average pure breed raised in a loving environment by a careful breeder.

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